King Lal

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Twitter Username: @LifeOfLal


Bio: I bring a different message to hip hop & artistry as a whole. I am determined & dedicated to music, aside from being a full time student & employee it’s the focal point of my energy. I value all forms of art & music, self expression is a pathway to self realization & in today’s society we could all benefit from knowing our own truth. 

Who are your top five influences? Asap Rocky,Lil Wayne,G Eazy,Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem.

What made you want to make music? I found a passion for writing in high school & expressed myself through writing, as I grew older I found my writing skills increasing & my interest in music combined to form a desire to make music.

Are you currently working on any projects? Yes, I released my project Reign in July of this year & I intend to have my next project Volatile out before December. I have 3 more projects outlined & in progress to be released in succession. I believe it’s essential for exposure & improvement to always have new material. 

How would you describe your sound? Fast, versatile, intriguing

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? I usually just write my rhymes or random streams of consciousness in my notes in between work & school full time, once I get a few hours to spare I sit down and dedicate it to my craft; I write, edit, & practice my songs countless times before initial recording or performance. 





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Twitter Username: @HotBlakk

Bio: I’m making a way 4 my people and tryin 2 get out the streets and I’m gonna do it…..PUMP GanG

Who are your top five influences? myself,my mom,my kids,my bros ,and Tha big man

What made you want to make music? My FAMILY 

Are you currently working on any projects? Ya i got my 3rd mixtape on the way oct.31 it will drop PUMP ATTACK MIXTAPE 

How would you describe your sound? Aggressive 

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? I don’t write

Biino NoFooLah

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Twitter Username: @beaniebaybe21


Bio:  born in Gainesville Florida,  moved to Brooklyn new york when I was 4. Was put in the system at 14. I was released at 18 and migrated to Florida.  I lived in bellville Florida, Valdosta GA, Jacksonville Florida,  just to name a few.  I’m 28. I’m a truck driver and I have two daughters.  I don’t want fame or a name.  I Just want to change my kids future. 


Who are your top five influences? Jay-Z, biggie, Meek, Joe Budden, and kanye


What made you want to make music? Music has always been apart of my life. I grew up very rough and music was my balance.  Without it I would be dead or locked up.  I was brought up a very angry kid. Music was the only thing that could calm me.  Super weird but yea



Are you currently working on any projects?  Basically finishing up a project that’s currently unnamed. Only because I’m a truck driver and I’m always on the road. I actually record in my truck when I’m free.  So it’s hard trying to produce, mix,  write, and etc. But yes project is 80% done.



How would you describe your sound? Old school hip hop.  It’s the New York sound of what it use to be.  Told from a young boy perspective 



When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? No not really because I’m on the road recording.  But If I’m home I do enjoy my cognac and a pic of Newport’s. I call that my supplies. And I’m a go. 

Jahh Plluto



Twitter Username:  @JahPlluto


Bio: Out of my whole life i tried to commit suicide three times & god prevented me from doing so,one day i chilled back & thought about it & i decided imma live my life the correct way & i’m meant for greatness i hope i get the chance to take care of me & my loved ones .



Who are your top five influences?  Michael Jackson,Prince,plain white t’s,chief keef,Lil Durk



What made you want to make music? When i use to sit back & listen to amazing artist i wanted to become great just like them & create something different also help others thats in need.



Are you currently working on any projects?  No sadly i just released an Ep on soundcloud its something different that you would never hear from most artist.



How would you describe your sound?  Amazing i make music that i love & understand i have a flow that always change & stay the same at the same time also a lot of energy that will hype you up.



When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?  No usually when i’m writing a song i go over it a lot & create different flows that people would like to hear & enjoy.

TruSTony (pronounced trust Tony)


Twitter Username: @trustony_
Bio: Born in Town Of Kings ( Kingston, Jamaica) and raised in County Of Kings (Brooklyn, New York)The hip-hop nomad known as TruSTony has returned with his new EP “Escapism”.The 7 track project showcases the early impact New York hip-hop had on TruSTony’s career; his ability to tell a story; desire to succeed; and put on for the culture of hip-hop, by staying true to his commitment to “ not just be a rapper for all the other sh*t but honestly just add something progressive to the culture.”
TruSTony wanted a career doing anything but rapping. He often jokes about his disdain for rappers but his sheer love of lyricism. He began amassing a fan base under his previous stage name TonyEmcee. TruSTony released his first mixtape The Tony Awards in 2012 gaining him features on such notable sites as and With the release of his latest musical offering “The Escapism EP” (streaming everywhere), Tony is ready to further expose the world to his particular brand of hip hop he refers to as “progressive rap.


Who are your top five influences? Bob Marley, Carl Sagan, Jay-Z, MLK, Pac


What made you want to make music? Being around my cousins back in ‘05 when they had a fusion hiphop/dancehall group.We would have freestyle sessions where we all smoked out and put on instrumentals and just vibed.I never thought about being a rapper cause all my favorite rappers were drug dealers and I wasn’t obviously but I zoned out when I freestyled and really enjoyed it.One night my cousin Omar lit the spark for me when he said not a lot of people got the actual taken I have and since that point I’ve been writing.


Are you currently working on any projects? As an artist I’m always working on music but right now I’m in a weird place coming off my last project “Escapism” where im still formulating the ideas for my next project but in meantime I’m just making music but I do have something in mind but I’m still looking for that right inspiration to get in a vibe and knock out a consistent project.My next will be very special though I can feel it and should be out 1st to second quarter but I want to put out a bunch of visuals first to build my profile up.


How would you describe your sound? Well that’s a hard question cause I’m currently searching for a new sound but obviously I consider myself a lyricist that can jump from sound to sound.I enjoy going over boombap beats but not completely against going off on a trap beat but I always want to come off with an original flow.I feel like lot of the trap beats out now constrict people to take that default trap flow that migos, future etc made very popular.My biggest pet peeve is rappers biting flows and now a days that seems very prevalent in hiphop but I’m not with it.Im searching for a producer with vision that can elevate that traditional boom nap sound to something futuristic and innovative.I might of found him already though.


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?  I don’t have a set routine really , sometimes I feel like I should develop one to produce more music in bulk but I believe art shouldn’t be set up like factory cause that’s when shit becomes predictable and eventually boring.I like to be around creative people who inspire me. The first step is always the beat though, I have to fall in love with the music first ,then catch a vibe and figure out what I want to say and then what I need to say and find a good balance there. I tend not to write anything down but not because I’m a show off or anything but really out of necessity cause that’s how I’ve been doing it since I started. I just believe it’s more natural from the mind to mouth to the mic. 

Mister V

Twitter Username: Mister V
Bio: Mister V is an artist living and working in Kansas City, but originally from Saint Louis. He has been writing lyrics since he was 14. He currently has one project out, Paradox Lost. 
Who are your top five influences? Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Run the Jewels, The Beatles
What made you want to make music? It’s always been playing in my head, so one day I just started to write some of that stuff down and try to recreate the vibes and feelings in my mind through music and lyrics. 
Are you currently working on any projects? yes, I am working on a new project, only about 3 or 4 songs in as of now. 
How would you describe your sound? Diverse. I like to draw from many different sonic influences and I appreciate when lyrics and music blend so well that it seems like they were created together. 
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? naw, it just starts rolling in my head so I’ll grab out my phone and start writing. or I won’t and I’ll just let the lyrics resonate in my head for a while and come back to them later. Sometimes a beat I hear can get it going, sometimes certain phrases or ideas just come into my mind.

Larrair a.k.a Ralph Lauren Jordan



Twitter Username: @Larrair 

Bio: Raised in Detroit and currently reside in Belleville,MI. I’m a rapper, producer, engineer, fashion designer, & entrepreneur. I sell beats and features so hit my email or PayPal if you ever need work! My clothing line ‘NEVADI’ was founded in 2012 and we’ve been growing ever since. You can contact me on all social media @ Larrair and stream my music! Listen to my album Ralph Lauren Jordan on all streaming services. (SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)



Who are your top five influences? Framecode, Black Noi$e, Beethoven, Bruiser Brigade, & Biggie 


What made you want to make music?  I toured the country with my highschool playing the drums . After I graduated I wasn’t good at shit else. I was blessed with the opportunity to work at a professional studio throughout highschool and now we here. I just kept it going and innovated. Music is my easiest form of expression & coping with all the negative in my life.  


Are you currently working on any projects? WHITE SUBBAN BLACK ZETTERBERG DROPS 9/2. My newest collab project with Scumbag Fred will be on my SoundCloud a day after I write this up; so share for us. Of course more projects are TBA after this drops. 


How would you describe your sound?  My sound is as versatile as I can make it. I was playing classical music before all this rap so my sound is usually sample heavy. Me & my teams of producers always try to make something new. But WHITE SUBBAN BLACK ZETTERBERG might be the most raw Detroit shit you ever heard. I like to touch all ends of the spectrum where I can. 



Parris LeShun


Instagram: @Parris.LeShun_

Twitter: @ParrisLeShun

Soundcloud: Parris LeShun


Bio: I’m a 19 year old born in Chicago, raised on the Southside to be specific. My dad was a DJ/ rapper across the city of Chicago during the 90s. My mom was a singer, actress and then joined the military. I grew up being raised by my grandparents, aunt and uncle. At the age of 9 I then was being raised in a single parent home having to move around a lot as well as transfer to many different schools, because my mom was in the military. So it was rare for us to stay in one place for more than 6 months to a year. I have about 6 siblings total, some from different sides of my family. I graduated from Urban Prep Charter School and went on to Western Illinois University for a semester in 2016. I studied Graphic Design and Art. I was involved in acting and the poetry club as well. I suffered badly from depression and suicidal tendencies so I decided to come home and get myself together. I used art, sports, poetry and music as my outlets to help cope and get through my issues. 


Top five artists that i’m influenced by? Personally this is a difficult question for me to answer due to the fact that I was raised off of so many different artists and genre’s of music. (This is in no order) but I would have to say, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Isaiah Rashad, Joka (my uncle), and Michael Franks.


What made me want to make music? What made me want to make music? Well first of all, I  personally believe musical talent is hereditary. Since both of my parents were heavily inclined in music at some point, I believe the love of music was passed down to me. I grew up around my uncle (Joka) who is currently a rapper. So whenever he was in the studio making music, writing, producing or whatever, I was usually there watching, listening and learning. When I was 8 years old, I actually wrote my first rap. It was inspired by the tv show “Class of 3000”. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but I do remember one line was about PB&J sandwiches. When I was in 8th grade I noticed I grew a love for writing poetry. My freshmen year of high school, me and my friend Naseer and some of his friends we decided to make a rap group called “OAT”. He went by the name of Olly-Al and I went by the name of Savage P at the time. We promised each other we would make music and take music more seriously. So during high school we would spend our days freestyling during school or over the phone after school or just writing songs. We still are a group to this day, we have more members and we are planning some music in the near future. 


Am I currently working on any projects?  Yes I actually am working on 2 projects. I’m planning to release 2 EP’s. The first one which i’m still working on is called Therapy Sessions. The name came from the fact that my mom sent me to a therapist this year to help with my depression.  I decided to call it therapy sessions because when you’re going through tough times you want something you vibe to or vent to, and this a project where you will get to know some of my inner thoughts and issues that most black men are afraid to shine light on. As well as some of my happy, “good vibes” or “laid back” moments. This project im really excited to release because it will be my first but I think it will be a breathe of fresh air for hip hop in Chicago and outside of the city as well as people who may go through the same issues as me. I don’t have a specific release date yet but people should expect it anywhere between Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. My second project has yet to be named and won’t be released until later 2018. 

How would I describe my sound? I’m honestly still finding my true sound but based off of anyone who has heard me rap before, seem to describe my sound as a mixture of an early Lupe Fiasco (Food & Liquor/The Cool) with Joey BadA$$ and my uncle (Joka). I would also describe my music as smooth, sometimes jazzy, sometimes lit, laid back, and something you could smoke to, even though I don’t smoke lol. 


What routines do I go through when writing a song? Okay so I actually got a few methods. Sometimes I may just write randomly because I feel something on my heart or mind. Then maybe later if im listening to a beat I’ll look back on what I wrote to see if I can apply it. Sometimes I just listen to a playlist of instrumentals and I will literally sit there and hum, freestyle out loud or in my head. Then once I hear that beat I seriously wanna turn into a whole song, I’ll have that one beat on repeat and just write to it until I feel like its good enough. My younger cousin who produces and mixes songs for me will literally play me a beat that he made and we’ll just playfully freestyle back and forth until I feel like I wanna write to it. His soundcloud is “King Doowop” if you wanna check out his work. 


Twitter Username: @4purusha7
 Bio: I see the path, I walk the route. twenty years old, male, Colorado, producer, lyricist
Who are your top five influences? Mac miller, Slightly Stoopid, Joey Badass, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles 
What made you want to make music? Sound is key. Music allows me to have a future greater than myself. 
Are you currently working on any projects? I recently released my album House On Fire so I am primarily focused on writing songs for the next project and putting out single tracks. I really want to collaborate on a new level with the local artists in my area. 
How would you describe your sound? Something you’ve never heard before. I create with east coast hip hop, chill hop, house / synth, native sounds, spoken word. The list goes on. My music applies to many different ears. 
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? I will always begin with ableton. When my instrumental is finished, I then begin writing lyrics. Recording vocals is one of the last things done  before the final edit. 



Link: Soundcloud

Twitter Username: @Dmcgeed


Bio: Born and raised in Panama City,Fl. Been Making beats since 11 years old and one of the founders of MOONWVLKRZ on the side of Supreme Knockin’ of 808 Mafia and friends.Extremely open minded individual at the age of 21.known to be wise beyond his years and one of the most  positive persons you will ever meet,very Genuine and is spiritual, loves everyone he meets and a true gentlemen.


Who are your top five influences? Can’t Really pinpoint it,I’m influenced by Everyone,Life Influences Me


What made you want to make music?  I’ve always loved music,from humming the tunes to actually making the tunes,I searched on different sites at the age eleven looking for musical games to play because I didn’t know about DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) until I ran into Fl Studio 8,I love Fl Studio,you can put your ideas down very quickly and it has a simple format.


Are you currently working on any projects? Yes I’m actually piecing together a beat tape,I can’t tell you when i’d drop it ,i’m not sure myself because the selection process takes time.


How would you describe your sound? Experimental,Eerie,Dark,Hard and weird ,it has it’s own personalities but it’s my own genre i’m crafting,those are just a few of its personalities.


When creating a beats, is there a routine you go through? I’m a music producer and my routine is experimentation and feeling,there is no set routine really when I go about making beats,I come at it with a clear mind,there is no planning.i’m humbled that y’all interviewed me,I highly appreciate you and love,peace and light to you all,stay awesome!