Twitter Username: @SpacemanPlvto


Bio: I’m an Indie-Hip Hop artist from Arkansas currently residing in California to pursue music. 

Top 5 artist influences? (in no particular order) Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Pharrell, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, with indie-rock and alternative influences as well. 

What made you want to make music? I myself was inspired to make music when i was homeless around the age of 17. I didn’t want to express my emotions in any way that would harm anyone else so i wrote poetry. Most of my poetry had rhyme schemes so i realized maybe i could put them to beats. After rapping for a short time i realized i loved the whole process of making a song, so i decided to get involved from the ground up and make music from scratch. 

Are you currently working on any projects? Hangout 3 was just released August 1st, and that was my last free project. Now i plan to take my music to a more serious level and start treating it as a career, which is why i moved to California and took the dive into big waters.

How would you describe your sound? I would describe my sound as “Far Out” which is why i went with the name Plvto. I always felt like i was too much of an outsider to be counted, but i also feel like there are more people that feel like that who relate with me. Pluto is a planet, but it’s so far away from the other planet’s orbit patterns that people don’t want to claim it as a planet. My music is deemed as “weird” a lot, but i feel like if there are people who have shared the feelings i express in my tracks, then im helping them by expressing them openly. So yeah, i describe my sound as “Far Out” or “Indie-Hip Hop”.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? When i work on the song the beat is usually what comes first. Once i feel like i connect with that beat, I pull the feelings i want to express from how the beat made me feel. That’s not my only routine, i have a few, but it’s the one that usually gives me my most genuine songs.


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