Prototype The Spitter


Twitter Username:@Prototype_spits
Who are your top five influences (artists)? There are so many, but if you’re talking about current artist id have to say. Chance the rapper, big Sean, Jhene Aiko, jay z and meek mill.
What made you want to make music? i grew up with music. its almost like i cant ever remember a time when music was not with me. music is my best friend. its always been there for me through the good times and the bad. i remember growing up spitting freestyles for my friends just because we were bored and all we had was the music to keep us entertained. so one of the reasons you can say i wanted to make music was to impress my friends growing up. later i realized i was a poet and I’ve been writing ever since.
Are you currently working on any projects? Right now I’m putting together a mix of all my favorite beats from multiple favorite artist and covering them. with my own lyrics of course. also I’m working on my second album. I’m always writing so there is always music being made.
How would you describe your sound? I honestly do not know how to answer this question. haha. i get it a lot but can never find the right answer. lets just say its really lyrical and refreshing vs whats going on in the game right now. my life, my stories and my frustrations with a unique sound.
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? When writing a song there is not really a routine. I usually already have the lyrics to a beat I’ve never heard before. i write a ton so most times when i hear a beat i can just piece my lyrics to it and in no time i have two three or four songs ready to go.

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