Kahlil Supreme

image1 (2).JPG
Twitter Username: @kahlilsupreme
Bio: 22 year old, unsigned artist from Roanoke Virginia. Started rapping and writing rhymes at 12 years old off of the influence of Kanyes graduation album. At age 15 I started recording/composing songs, becoming a locally known artist in Roanoke Virginia.

Who are your top five influences?  Kendrick(whole Tde), j cole, Kanye, The Game, 50 cent.

What made you want to make music? I used to write short stories when I was a young kid and I’ve always loved music and vibrations period, so I just combined the 2 of them to tell my story.

Are you currently working on any projects? Currently working on my first project “KahlilorbeKilled”

How would you describe your sound? My sound is a mix of classic hip hop and Gangsta rap.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? When composing a song I like to go somewhere quiet and put my headphones in to get a vibe from the beat. After that I’ll come up with a hook. Once the hook is done I grab my composition note book… the rest is history.


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