Cardinal Shine

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Twitter Username: @Cardinal_Shine

Bio: I am just someone who loves all of the art forms, from cookin’ it up in the kitchen, to kung fu/martial arts, visuals, music, dance, and everything else in between, just recently got into fire breathing light dancing. also really into stand up comedy etc… and besides that I just enjoy playing video games on all of the systems (PS4) (Cardinal Crysis) you can holla at ur boi if you are interested lol. Usually always going hamm on Star wars, Overwatch, GTA 5 and much more.

Top 5 artist influences? I love sooooo many artist out there, I’m always promoting them and such, lol. not really sure if I am able to narrow it down because I feel like I would be leaving out like 7 billion other people ha. For instance, every rapper has the mandatory top 5 rappers list of course like, 2pac, biggie, Jay Z, Nas, and Eminem, I feel like my reason for them being an influence on me may be a little different. maybe, I mean of course “they spit the best bars ever!” but like.. I remember a few years ago I really wanted to collab with eminem as does every other rapper lol. but I wanted to collab with him more just to see how he recovered from some of the addiction issues that he found himself facing because I felt like at that time I was in the same position, anyway it does not have to always be the top of the top tier rappers out there for them to be an influence on me. like one of the most influential rappers that I know, we spent a few years together as friends and went through real life situations together and to see how he dealt with it made me a stronger human and made him an influence on my life.

Are you currently working on any projects? I just released my most recent project called “ChillBro Vol 1” that was released “July 2017” and am currently awaiting the release of “ChillBro Vol 2” Set to be released in October 2017.

How would you describe your sound? I am not sure if I have a specific sound… well maybe I do lol. but I usually just sound however I am feeling at the moment, and I feel like my music reflects it because I have so many different feelings that occur, and for that reason there are so many different types of sounds in my music. even some sounds that I did not even know existed. ha.

When writing a song is there a routine you go through? I remember always putting my self through these routines when I first started rapping, for instance, I would be like.. ok, to get into the mood I’m gonna sip a 40z then go hamburger on the track! son hahahaha. sometimes it worked but sometimes it didn’t, these days I just let it flow and usually only create when I’m in the zone opposed to forcing myself to rap.


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