Itunes: RediMade No Pressure (Out Now)
Twitter Username: @redimade79
Bio: Born on the streets of Houston TX. RediMade is an Artist on the heels of greatness. His style is unlike anyone from his area.  With a laid back and chill demeanor, he rhymes over soulful beats with word play and stories that provide real insight to what’s going on in the inner cities throughout America.  Look up “ready made” in the dictionary; it means in a finished form immediately available for use and just like the definition he is Redi and Made for the game.
Who are your top five influences? Biggie, Jay Z, Pimp C, Scarface, Beanie sigel 
What made you want to make music? I had no plans on rapping but my brother Tugg was into it and since I use to write stories he was like I’m a show you how to write in bars so we can start a rap group and it’s been on since then we was like 15 then.
Are you currently working on any projects? I got a lot of music I’m dropping really trying to build my fan base and get my visuals out.
How would you describe your sound? My sound is classic, yet a unique sound it’s hard to describe it but I know once you hear it you gon feel it.
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? When writing I basically listen to beat and go with how it makes me feel.

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