T. Hayes

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Link: http://thayesraps.com/
Twitter Username: @THayes_713

Bio: My name is Tyler Hayes and I am a recording artist, record producer, and audio engineer from Southwest Houston, Texas. I am CEO of Haytion Entertainment, the brand and label. 

Who are your top five influences? Kendrick Lamar. Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Isaiah Rashad

What made you want to make music? In middle school I was sending my raps to my cousin (Desiree McKinney) for a little while, but I was only doing it for leisure. Then one night she called me and was really encouraging me to actually try to do this because she saw my potential. And I had never thought of becoming a rapper prior to that night I was so focused on my golf career, but that phone call changed my life. Then later on, when my golf career had fallen through, I took it as a sign from God that I should really take a chance with the music, and he’s been really having my back on this path ever since. I would have never imagined getting to where I am now in my career as a musician.

Are you currently working on any projects? I am still in the beginning stages of my new album. Another The Carter Sue co-executive produced album. #SZMC

How would you describe your sound? I hope no one can. I don’t want to have a sound. People compare me to Kendrick a lot, which is an honor, but I do not want to have a “sound”. That means I’m not taking full advantage of my creativity.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? It depends if what the purpose of the song is for. I take into consideration if it’s on an album, or just a single, or for a talent showcase.
For albums, I premeditate every album with extreme delicacy. I draw out my albums exactly like a movie and write all the skits myself. I will write an album song on what I intended that song to be from that specific point in the story line. So for example, my song Apex Acrimony. I knew I wanted that song to be angry, loud, fast, and fed up. So when I wrote that song that was the exact mentality I dove into.
For singles, I will usually just do a random topic I’ve been wanting to do, or sometimes just whatever first comes to my head as a hook or a few bars. For example, my song Day Ones. When I was making that beat, that hook kept repeating in my head while I was mixing so I just layed that down then wrote the verses off of that.
For showcases, I like to go a cappella, go in on controversial or innovative topics, and really make people focus in on my lyrics. Those are my writing routines.


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