Link: Soundcloud

Twitter Username: @Dmcgeed


Bio: Born and raised in Panama City,Fl. Been Making beats since 11 years old and one of the founders of MOONWVLKRZ on the side of Supreme Knockin’ of 808 Mafia and friends.Extremely open minded individual at the age of 21.known to be wise beyond his years and one of the most  positive persons you will ever meet,very Genuine and is spiritual, loves everyone he meets and a true gentlemen.


Who are your top five influences? Can’t Really pinpoint it,I’m influenced by Everyone,Life Influences Me


What made you want to make music?  I’ve always loved music,from humming the tunes to actually making the tunes,I searched on different sites at the age eleven looking for musical games to play because I didn’t know about DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) until I ran into Fl Studio 8,I love Fl Studio,you can put your ideas down very quickly and it has a simple format.


Are you currently working on any projects? Yes I’m actually piecing together a beat tape,I can’t tell you when i’d drop it ,i’m not sure myself because the selection process takes time.


How would you describe your sound? Experimental,Eerie,Dark,Hard and weird ,it has it’s own personalities but it’s my own genre i’m crafting,those are just a few of its personalities.


When creating a beats, is there a routine you go through? I’m a music producer and my routine is experimentation and feeling,there is no set routine really when I go about making beats,I come at it with a clear mind,there is no planning.i’m humbled that y’all interviewed me,I highly appreciate you and love,peace and light to you all,stay awesome!


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