Twitter Username: @4purusha7
 Bio: I see the path, I walk the route. twenty years old, male, Colorado, producer, lyricist
Who are your top five influences? Mac miller, Slightly Stoopid, Joey Badass, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles 
What made you want to make music? Sound is key. Music allows me to have a future greater than myself. 
Are you currently working on any projects? I recently released my album House On Fire so I am primarily focused on writing songs for the next project and putting out single tracks. I really want to collaborate on a new level with the local artists in my area. 
How would you describe your sound? Something you’ve never heard before. I create with east coast hip hop, chill hop, house / synth, native sounds, spoken word. The list goes on. My music applies to many different ears. 
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? I will always begin with ableton. When my instrumental is finished, I then begin writing lyrics. Recording vocals is one of the last things done  before the final edit. 

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