Larrair a.k.a Ralph Lauren Jordan



Twitter Username: @Larrair 

Bio: Raised in Detroit and currently reside in Belleville,MI. I’m a rapper, producer, engineer, fashion designer, & entrepreneur. I sell beats and features so hit my email or PayPal if you ever need work! My clothing line ‘NEVADI’ was founded in 2012 and we’ve been growing ever since. You can contact me on all social media @ Larrair and stream my music! Listen to my album Ralph Lauren Jordan on all streaming services. (SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)



Who are your top five influences? Framecode, Black Noi$e, Beethoven, Bruiser Brigade, & Biggie 


What made you want to make music?  I toured the country with my highschool playing the drums . After I graduated I wasn’t good at shit else. I was blessed with the opportunity to work at a professional studio throughout highschool and now we here. I just kept it going and innovated. Music is my easiest form of expression & coping with all the negative in my life.  


Are you currently working on any projects? WHITE SUBBAN BLACK ZETTERBERG DROPS 9/2. My newest collab project with Scumbag Fred will be on my SoundCloud a day after I write this up; so share for us. Of course more projects are TBA after this drops. 


How would you describe your sound?  My sound is as versatile as I can make it. I was playing classical music before all this rap so my sound is usually sample heavy. Me & my teams of producers always try to make something new. But WHITE SUBBAN BLACK ZETTERBERG might be the most raw Detroit shit you ever heard. I like to touch all ends of the spectrum where I can. 




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