Mister V

Twitter Username: Mister V
Bio: Mister V is an artist living and working in Kansas City, but originally from Saint Louis. He has been writing lyrics since he was 14. He currently has one project out, Paradox Lost. 
Who are your top five influences? Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Run the Jewels, The Beatles
What made you want to make music? It’s always been playing in my head, so one day I just started to write some of that stuff down and try to recreate the vibes and feelings in my mind through music and lyrics. 
Are you currently working on any projects? yes, I am working on a new project, only about 3 or 4 songs in as of now. 
How would you describe your sound? Diverse. I like to draw from many different sonic influences and I appreciate when lyrics and music blend so well that it seems like they were created together. 
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? naw, it just starts rolling in my head so I’ll grab out my phone and start writing. or I won’t and I’ll just let the lyrics resonate in my head for a while and come back to them later. Sometimes a beat I hear can get it going, sometimes certain phrases or ideas just come into my mind.

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