TruSTony (pronounced trust Tony)


Twitter Username: @trustony_
Bio: Born in Town Of Kings ( Kingston, Jamaica) and raised in County Of Kings (Brooklyn, New York)The hip-hop nomad known as TruSTony has returned with his new EP “Escapism”.The 7 track project showcases the early impact New York hip-hop had on TruSTony’s career; his ability to tell a story; desire to succeed; and put on for the culture of hip-hop, by staying true to his commitment to “ not just be a rapper for all the other sh*t but honestly just add something progressive to the culture.”
TruSTony wanted a career doing anything but rapping. He often jokes about his disdain for rappers but his sheer love of lyricism. He began amassing a fan base under his previous stage name TonyEmcee. TruSTony released his first mixtape The Tony Awards in 2012 gaining him features on such notable sites as and With the release of his latest musical offering “The Escapism EP” (streaming everywhere), Tony is ready to further expose the world to his particular brand of hip hop he refers to as “progressive rap.


Who are your top five influences? Bob Marley, Carl Sagan, Jay-Z, MLK, Pac


What made you want to make music? Being around my cousins back in ‘05 when they had a fusion hiphop/dancehall group.We would have freestyle sessions where we all smoked out and put on instrumentals and just vibed.I never thought about being a rapper cause all my favorite rappers were drug dealers and I wasn’t obviously but I zoned out when I freestyled and really enjoyed it.One night my cousin Omar lit the spark for me when he said not a lot of people got the actual taken I have and since that point I’ve been writing.


Are you currently working on any projects? As an artist I’m always working on music but right now I’m in a weird place coming off my last project “Escapism” where im still formulating the ideas for my next project but in meantime I’m just making music but I do have something in mind but I’m still looking for that right inspiration to get in a vibe and knock out a consistent project.My next will be very special though I can feel it and should be out 1st to second quarter but I want to put out a bunch of visuals first to build my profile up.


How would you describe your sound? Well that’s a hard question cause I’m currently searching for a new sound but obviously I consider myself a lyricist that can jump from sound to sound.I enjoy going over boombap beats but not completely against going off on a trap beat but I always want to come off with an original flow.I feel like lot of the trap beats out now constrict people to take that default trap flow that migos, future etc made very popular.My biggest pet peeve is rappers biting flows and now a days that seems very prevalent in hiphop but I’m not with it.Im searching for a producer with vision that can elevate that traditional boom nap sound to something futuristic and innovative.I might of found him already though.


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?  I don’t have a set routine really , sometimes I feel like I should develop one to produce more music in bulk but I believe art shouldn’t be set up like factory cause that’s when shit becomes predictable and eventually boring.I like to be around creative people who inspire me. The first step is always the beat though, I have to fall in love with the music first ,then catch a vibe and figure out what I want to say and then what I need to say and find a good balance there. I tend not to write anything down but not because I’m a show off or anything but really out of necessity cause that’s how I’ve been doing it since I started. I just believe it’s more natural from the mind to mouth to the mic. 


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