Jahh Plluto


Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/JahhPlluto

Twitter Username:  @JahPlluto


Bio: Out of my whole life i tried to commit suicide three times & god prevented me from doing so,one day i chilled back & thought about it & i decided imma live my life the correct way & i’m meant for greatness i hope i get the chance to take care of me & my loved ones .



Who are your top five influences?  Michael Jackson,Prince,plain white t’s,chief keef,Lil Durk



What made you want to make music? When i use to sit back & listen to amazing artist i wanted to become great just like them & create something different also help others thats in need.



Are you currently working on any projects?  No sadly i just released an Ep on soundcloud its something different that you would never hear from most artist.



How would you describe your sound?  Amazing i make music that i love & understand i have a flow that always change & stay the same at the same time also a lot of energy that will hype you up.



When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?  No usually when i’m writing a song i go over it a lot & create different flows that people would like to hear & enjoy.


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