Vicente Santana

Twitter Username: @vicenteMndon637

Bio: I am a 22 year old black male from Chicago , I was raised in Minneapolis Minnesota though, I been here since I was like 11, and pretty much learned everything I know living up here, I got the streets on lock in Minnesota and everybody know who I am, it’s just a matter of time before the world know too. 

Who are your top five influences? My top five influences are Drake,Payroll Giovanni, 50 cent, jcole, tupac

What made you want to make music? I only started making music because of 50cent, like when I was little, dude was just iconic to me, I wanted to be just like 50 when I grew up and shit. I seen how he had the world in his hands and I wanted to feel that shit one day too , and  to be respected like that, jus inspirational  To a nigga like me , all facts.

Are you currently working on any projects? I’m working on just releasing good music to the people right now, I can’t say fans because I only been out as a artist for 5 days , and I’m not sure if I have those yet hahahaha, so my main focus is making sure they know who I am first before ensuing a project.

How would you describe your sound? I would describe my sound as distinctive, I don’t think people hear this sound to often especially from the artist that’s out now a days, it’s a lot of fast talk and savage shit going on , I’m trying to bring music back into music mode, and where it ain’t just about how you saying things it’s about what you say and how you say it, so my sound I would say is distinctive.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? Lol naaah when writing I just pick up then pen and write about my life or things that actually happened to me and put it into a catchy hook and compliment it with a verse, I never try and think to hard.


BC Beats All Day

Bc Beats.jpg


Twitter Username: @YaOkayB @SuperSnakeChuck


Bio:  Some things in this world are just too good to be true and when something is real, you know it.  BC Beats All Day, the american music producing duo from Detroit Michigan, are as real as it gets.  Since early 2011, Blake Fife – YaOkayB and Charles Simmons – SuperSnakeChuck, have been locked away in their private studio delicately crafting their own sound.  They are opening the eyes and ears of many around the world, specializing in pop, R&B, pop trap and dark trap.  They have produced for artists Cortez McKinnon, Dre Tino, MrWatsIt2U, 1N1GHT, Rudy Banz, TMarz, Jay Long and many others.  BC Beats All Day are internet music producers with nearly all their music and beats sold via the world wide web and most customers foreign or in other states.  In October 2015, BC Beats All Day performed one 20 minute show at Club Bleu on Woodward Ave. in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.  Although the performance was well perceived by fans and other artists at the venue, they have since then performed nowhere else stating “it was not in their best interests at that time.”  However more recently, @YaOkayB hinted on his twitter that they will do shows around Detroit and other cities late 2017 into 2018.  


Who are your top five influences? Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, T-Pain, Pharrell, Taz Taylor


What made you want to make music? Music was always a hobby for us when we first started but we always wanted to get serious about it and we talked about it.  We eventually started spending more and more time in the lab making beats where we saw ourselves improving.  We both enjoy the process and it puts us in our places when we’re working.  


Are you currently working on any projects? We are working on a few things at the moment.  Cortez McKinnon and Dre Tino have new singles on the way as well as new albums dropping in a few months so watch for those on DatPiff and iTunes.  Were also working with our new artist 1N1GHT a Pop R&B singer and rapper from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  We are very excited to release all this new material.  


How would you describe your sound? Our sound is best described as melodic trap and melodic pop music.


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? Before we even sit down to make beats, we usually head up to the store for munchies and snacks for the long session.   It’s usually like 6-8 hours we’re locked in there and we don’t like leaving once we get there and get settled.  Once were comfy we open up the laptop and get to it.  We usually start by chopping samples or looking for samples to chop.  Once we have those we continue building the rest of the beat around the sample to make everything else fit.  At the very end we add our polishing touches to make the beat pop and then we post it on for customers to preview and purchase the license rights.  




Twitter Username: rach emcee @emceeskate


Bio: 32 years old, hometown Perth WA, moved to the Gold Coast for a period of 5 years and then back home to P town. Actor and Emcee, super passionate about telling stories from life experience and helping people connect to the lyrics is my favourite part of the whole process. I believe it’s all about the art of expression. My world revolves around acting and music. My family and friends are very dear to me. I’ve for sure gone through the school of hard knocks and my fair share of challenges within my life, but gotta deal with the cards you been dealt and make lemonade outta lemons so that’s what I’m doing and turning every negative experience into a positive.


Who are your top five influences? I would say that 360 plays a huge role in my honesty in my tracks, I admire where he has come from and his total transparency with his fans about where he has been and his journey from then to now and all the challenges he’s faced. I watch his clips and videos all the time and he truly inspires me, plus he is amazing at the art of multi syllable rapping. Ily is also another influence of mine, his raps are brilliant and he makes you feel so much during the song, the ability to make u bust out or dance if it’s an upbeat track or feel if it’s an emotional one is something he possesses and I admire. Bliss n Eso are epic, the way they engineer tracks and collab with other artists is just mindblowing how good it is, the hooks truly are hooks and some of the best times I’ve had listening to them, also their music videos pack a punch. I love how I can listen to them and just relate straight away, some of their hard hitting lyrics and music vids hit home hard and I love the connection. I grew up listening to Hilltop hoods as well and their tracks basically became an anthem for partying, they played a huge role in me wanting to express myself too. Pez is amazing, cos just like 360, he is so honest and transparent, and he truly has an amazing talent, I love his individual work as an artist and oin collabs with 360. Thundamentals are just gnarly, sooo good and sooo catchy and clever! I would love to collab with any of these artists anyday! And lastly Kerser, people say so many controversial things but I’m about the music at the end of the day and he represents to me a huge part of me when I was in a dark place and state of mind n felt that every day was just a blurr… he too is completely honest and his lyrics get to me and make me reflect too. All these artists honestly have so much individual talent to offer the world and make me feel so much and there’s no way I could list every artist that inspires me as there are so many and all for different individual reasons. I can’t wait till I can make more tracks n continue down same path. As well as these artists that represent hip hop, I’m also highly inspired and admire Pink and how she is so brutally honest and says things that people want to say but are just too afraid to say, and she has the balls to say it!, also artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber inspire me so much! They have literally been in the public eye for so long and I take my hat off to her for having to go through life, growing up under the scrutiny from the media, they literally were born with the most distinct and talented voice and are freaking brilliant, they both share such raw talent and the music they come out with from deep inside them could never be replaced or copied. I hope to inspire future artists one day just like I have been inspired.


What made you want to make music? The ability to express my emotions and my words, I write so much and I’m super deep and emotional and this is a way I can get it out of myself and move forward, heal and move on so to speak. I love the connection with people. I love how diff tracks make you feel a diff way can change your whole mood! They have the ability to make u do a full 180 and go from sad to pumped up in just a heartbeat. I would like to think that my lyrics could make someone who is lost, suicidal, feels trapped in their own mind and the reality they have created for themselves… feel that someone out there gets them and is with them and that the dark days will turn to light ones eventually. Or that someone out there hears them and can sympathise with the challenges of their specific journey. I guess inspire some hope in people who are struggling.


Are you currently working on any projects? Yes me and my friend @Wanita_music who was my collab artist on “Broken Girl” and I are writing some new tracks, ones that’ll hit home. My next track ll be about bullying and I’d like to do a music video for both “Broken Girl” and this new track I’m currently working on. I love creating and will be trying hard to pump out some more tracks more regularly.


How would you describe your sound? I would describe it as pretty aussie and kinda dark but honest cos it comes from my soul.


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? Yes, when I first came up with an idea, I hear a beat and it inspires me, I freestyle to it for a bit…then grab my phone and in the notes section start writing lyrics.. I go through like 3 or 4 edits before I settle on something and even then it can always change later on down the track. I then listen to the beat on repeat for a while with my keyes closed and imagine like a music video in my head and the lyrics I wanna say, then I get in the studio and start recording and asking advice from my engineer and friend, and then we work on it together until we are happy.

Mixed Mafia

Mixed Mafia.png
Twitter Username: @MixedMaf

Bio: Rap duo based out of Denver, Colorado with a passion for music and just trying to inspire as many people as possible.

Who are your top five influences? Logic, Jon Bellion, Khalid, Joyner Lucas, Russ

What made you want to make music? Raw desire to create, and immense love for music in any shape or form. We wanted our voices to be heard and our stories to be told, we want to make a difference and inspire people and ultimately contribute to the music society.

Are you currently working on any projects? We got some stuff cookin 🙏🏽

How would you describe your sound? Different, individualized. We don’t try to sound like anyone in particular, we are still focusing on honing in on a specific sound or “claim to fame” since we are new to the game, but we try to flow on different beats that aren’t common to the rap genre, and come up with lyrics that are unmatched and spark emotion. We really focus on our lyrics and what we are saying, and we think that sets us apart, it’s all about subject matter.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? Sometimes, it’s very random. If one of us has an idea about a song one of us will just start to write a verse and we share it and go from there before we usually have a beat. However, we have also cooked up beats for songs before we knew what they would even be about and then wrote lyrics to the beat afterwords, it all depends on how much each song means to both of us or each one of us. If we need new ideas, we usually just link up and chill in a parked car and freestyle until we get some inspiration. 

Louga Lou



Twitter Username: @LougaArchive


Who are your top five influences? Tupac, UGK, Dr. Dre, three6mafia, Eminem


What made you want to make music? I’ve always enjoyed making music, even just singing as a kid. I don’t think any one thing happened that made me want to make music. But my homey Patrick showed me FL studio back in 2004 and that’s when i discovered i could compose all the instruments. But the desire to make music has always been there.


Are you currently working on any projects? Yes, always working on several projects at a time.


How would you describe your sound? Well, i don’t like to make music that sounds the same as the last. I’m always trying to be different. I’ve made big anthem type music, I’ve made slow and smooth. Sometimes i make something that’s definitely not hip hop. I don’t even know what to do with those beats. So no one ever hears them.


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? That’s a good question. I write sometimes without the music. The words just come out then you have to make a beat for it. But also, i might just turn on a beat and start writing to it. I’m still trying to find the best way.

Ryan Landry

Ryan Landry
Twitter Username:  @ryanlandrymusic

Who are your top five influences?  Drake, Bryson Tiller, ILOVEMAKONNEN, PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd

What made you want to make music? My ability to sing my entire life always made me wanna make music. But after listening to ILOVEMAKONNEN in 2015-2016 I was inspired to buy all the equipment used to make songs. I purchased everything and got to making music.

Are you currently working on any projects?  I’ve released a few singles that will eventually be put together as a mixtape/album in the future.

How would you describe your sound?  I am a singer, I cannot rap very well but my sound is unique. I view myself as very different when compared to a lot of the popular artists today.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?  I play with the pre-hook until I really feel and hear how I want the chorus and rest of the song to sound like. It’s how I find the right melody for all of my songs.



Twitter Username: @dembekdoe

My name is Dylan Dembek, 22 years of age out of Anaheim, CA. I grew up in the suburban area of Anaheim, and I started writing raps trying to get chicks cuz I was never the most athletic or best looking. I was just the stoner dude who was obsessed with Star Wars and Angels baseball. But I fell in love with the writing process and the appreciation of the music I would receive. As a junior in high school I smoked some shit called spice thinking itd be just like weed and that shit messed me up. Had a bad trip and terrible anxiety attack that led to an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is something that’s hard to explain, and writing music got me through alot of my dark times, and continues to be an outlet, as well as a platform to promote my opinions and feelings.

Who are your top five influences?
As generic as it sounds, I have to say Eminem is a big influence. The Slim Shady LP was my introduction to hip hop, and Dre’s production has had a huge influence on my instrumental choices. Lil Wayne and Drake had heavy influence on me wanting to rap. They were popping around that time and I always admired the wordplay they had. I’ve also been influenced, more in recent years, by less well known artists such as G-Eazy and KYLE before they blew up. Any old school west coast shit has also been an influence (pac, kurupt, Warren G, Nate, Twinz, Cypress Hill).

What made you want to make music?
Like I mentioned before, it started as a shallow idea to get girls. I’ve always had a love for hip hop, and I always had dreams of being a star; I feel everyone does at some point. I always wanted to be a pro baseball player. My freshman year of high school, I tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder playing football, and it ruined any chance of me playing sports the rest of high school so I kind of naturally turned to music to fill the void. And like I said, I fell in love with it.

Are you currently working on any projects?
Currently I’m working more on dropping promotional songs, as I’m just now starting to try to promote. I have a partner in crime, my boy Jordan Shoenfelt, who I’m slowly working on a mixtape with. #TimeIsMoney look out.

How would you describe your sound?
I feel like I have many different sounds. Sometimes I go soft, sometimes I’ll feel like a song needs a more retro feel, sometimes I just want to spaz on a beat. It’s all about how I’m feeling, and how I’m trying to relay the message I’m trying to get across. If you’re a fan of all types of hip hop, like I am, I feel you’d appreciate my sound.

When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?
I’m always in my car, instrumental playing through the speakers, and I write bar by bar. I also go in a pattern where for each bar I write, I rap everything I’ve written up until that point. It helps me memorize the flow and hear how it’s all sounding.




Twitter Username: @WePlayDK


Bio: My stage name is WePlayDK. I am a musician and entrepreneur, living in Kansas City Missouri. My music is here so that I could send a message to the people listening as well as let them hear my story through my talent. I have always had an ear for good music and the talent of a great artist. I launched my team/brand called The Grey Echoes in 2016. I love the music industry and the business aspects of it too. My team is made up of different producers, artists, engineers and just general masterminds that create and make my brand and make it original.


Top 5 influences? Hm, very difficult but I would say they are Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. They are not in a specific order.


What made you want to make music? I was a big fan of Lil Wayne growing up so I would say he was an influential person when it came to making music. Another thing that I would say made me want to make music was the fact that I grew up in a Christian household where rap music was not accepted. Its similar to the forbidden fruit, it made me want to do it more.


Are you currently working on any project? No I am not. I am mainly just releasing singles that are being worked on right now. Recently I have released a big project called Bullshit In The Garage. This project was a collection of older music which was released in May.


How would you describe your music? I would describe it as being very versatile. My music uses very deep and meaningful lyrics in ways that my listeners still attracted to. Every lyric that is used in my raps can be interpreted different depending on the person. Every single one of my rap songs has a story behind it and it just has to be experienced.


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? Whenever I get inspired I write my music then I just start writing bars. It can start in my head or sometimes I can finish the song within an hour. That the beauty when it comes to writing music for me it can come to me within days or minutes, it just depends. Thanks for the inquiry though, I appreciate it

Alex, The Messiah

Alex The Messiah
Twitter Username: @Bigmoneyalexh
Bio: Im 18 years old and from Erie PA. I just graduated highschool in a few weeks I’m moving to philly to attend Temple University. I love thotties.
Who are your top five influences?
  1. Schoolboy Q
  2. Ugly God
  3. Nas
  4. Bill$up
  5. Playboi Carti
What made you want to make music?
 I started out rapping when I was 12 years old, In my grandparents house. I used a Rock Band Mic to record off of an old PC. Later I bought some shitty USB mic and started doing that. I really started getting into it sophomore year of highschool. There was another “rapper” at my highschool and I made a diss track on him and it spread around super fast. People said I was decent so I decided to make more music.
Are you currently working on any projects?
Currently I’m working on a few singles. Im trying to expand my musical depth. I want to make something that’s like the $uicide boys. Maybe some Trippie Redd type of rap too. That dude looks like a busted hotdog. So that would be tight
How would you describe your sound?
My sound basically is stupid as fuck. I meme hard as fuck daily and my music is pretty hard but is proliferated with jokes that only I would understand unless I told someone else what they meant. Hamster Pussy.
When writing a song, is there a routine you go through?
When I write a song, I either try to produce my own beat, or hit up my homie Bill$up because he make some fire ass beats. Youtube beats are kind of a nono for me now because that shits lame stealing is basic as fuck.

s.i.r Schwertz

Twitter Username: @SiR_Schwertz

Bio: 22 year old Hip hop artist from follansbee, WV in the Ohio valley  

Who are your top five influences?  I have a top five for almost all genres but hip hop wise (in no order) I’d say J Cole, Mac Miller, Nas , Outkast, & Jay z. Ab soul and Kendrick are honorable mentions.


What made you want to make music? My love for music and wanting to make a difference I always knew school wasn’t really my thing even though I wasn’t horrible at it, I use to say “I just wanna get paid to be me… or a brainstormer” I started freestyling when I was 13, and I didn’t decide I wanted to make it my career until I went to college freshman year. Music was all I could focus on and I wasn’t even in the studio! Besides that writing is a way for me to relieve worldly stresses and create positive insight that’s gonna remain and hopefully help someone in some way. Making a difference is the primary reason but simply because I want to is a close second. 


Are you currently working on any projects? I just recently started but it should be here in just a few months. Gonna be a free mixtape!


How would you describe your sound? Formulated, enlightened, experimental, high-kooish, lyrical limericks. 


When writing a song, is there a routine you go through? Not so much of a routine. I like more of a certain environment. Quiet, alone, peaceful, positive, smoker friendly. Something that keeps my mind clear and allows the creativity to flow. things come to me all day though, I just don’t always remember to write it down.